What Causes Hair Fall?

group-of-people-in-a-formationHair loss can be caused by hereditary, aging, hormonal imbalance, drastic weight lose, extreme stress, lupus, nutritional deficiencies and some other factors. It can affect people as young as early twenties.


Incorrectly used chemical products such as dyes will also damage the hair follicles, causing permanent hair loss.


As for male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is a hereditary factor. So far, there is no drug to reverse the genetically determined condition.


Patient’s age and concern, the severity of the condition and reversible causes such as hereditary, hormonal imbalance, SLE etc are factors to be considered while providing treatment.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery The Only Way?

Hair loss is a natural process, and losing hair does not mean the only option you have is hair transplant surgery. Early stages of hair loss can be controlled with oral medication. The process requires patience, the effect is not immediate and result is different with individuals. However, hair transplant surgery is the only hair restoration treatment offering permanent results.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Aside from oral and topical medications, we provide:

Why KO Hair Restoration Clinic?

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Majority of Malaysians are sceptical towards hair transplant, mostly due to the negative impacts brought by traditional hair care centres that lacked scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of their services.

Price should not be the only concern when choosing your treatment provider for hair transplant surgery. Avoid hair care centres that perform the procedure without qualified doctors. Experience of the surgeon is important to ensure optimal results in recreating the natural hairline, density, angle and direction of hair growth.

The quality of the team performing your hair transplant and how they handle the graft (donor hair follicle) should be your utmost consideration too, as hair will never grow back in places where follicles were taken. In other words, there’s a limited chance for hair restoration in every person.

teamIn Ko Hair Restoration Clinic, our hair transplant surgery team consists of 6 people, and we preserve the grafts in ATP solution with antioxidants, providing adequate nutrients to ensure the survival of the grafts.